Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Investigate Those Calling For Investigation

In the City of Yuma there are a couple City Council members who want to investigate Mayor Al Kreiger based on rumors of wrong doing. The move was spearheaded by former Mayor Marilyn Young.

Yuma is a small community and rumors are easily spread. For example; When a Council member spends the day at Z Fun Factory (a local bar / arcade), according to his Twitter post, and then calls in "sick" for that evenings City Council Meeting... people notice.

Then there are citizens in the City of Yuma who take their civic duty very seriously and actually track local politics. One such outstanding citizen is Jack Kretzer. Below is a letter from Jack to the local newspaper.

Letter to the editor:

As a child in the Depression and the World War II years, radio was an integral part of family life. Sitting on the floor listening to Tom Mix, Jack Armstrong, Colonel Bowles, and mysteries provided both entertainment and painted word pictures of the stories being told.

Now, we are entertained by instant news and analysis of the world around us. In Yuma, the center of my world, the mysteries of my youth are replaced with the intrigues emanating from the Taj Mahal, aka City Hall.

The names of the players change, but the distain for honest government continues.

Now Marilyn Young and Councilman Stuart are calling for the ‘head’ of mayor Krieger.

On January 4, 2000 Marilyn Young was mayor, when the Yuma city council met at the Desert Hills Golf Course clubhouse and violated the Arizona Open Meeting Law by a ‘polling vote’ to proceed with the construction of the Taj Mahal, aka city hall, through a lease/purchase agreement with a California-based developer headed by Craig Clark.

In 2007 Cody Beeson was brought to the Taj Mahal, aka city hall to run for office. A political action committee was formed by Pat Connor, former Yuma County Supervisor and funded by the development community to elect Cody Beeson and Raul Mendoza.

Councilman Stuart and the ‘merry band’ at the Taj Mahal, aka city hall, met in special private meetings in February of 2010 in an overt action to keep secret the deliberations toto pay Mark Watson to leave the city of Yuma. At the last meeting of the ‘merry band’ they voted to extend the agreement with Greg Wilkinson without Public comment or discussion and ‘thumbed’ their collective nose at the city charter limitations imposed on terminating the city administrator.

On November 4, 2010 city clerk Bushong issued eight letters stating that certain political action committees had to be terminated by February 21, 2011. Greg Wilkinson wrote an e-mail stating that Ms. Bushong was correct. Subsequently, the city of Yuma, without the authorization of the Yuma city council, filed suit in Yuma County Superior Court for a fine of $800; almost immediately after the hearing before Judge Reeves the city moved to dismiss the suit. Next come new letters from the Yuma city clerk that the date for termination of the 2010 political action committees is February 27, 2012.

City administrator Wilkinson is quoted in stating that the city of Yuma is financially stable. In that article there is no mention that the city of Yuma currently owes in excess of $29,000,000 to the bond holders of the Taj Mahal, aka city hall, which cost about $28,000,000 to build. In the agreement signed by the City’s Municipal Property Corporation all cost overruns are to be paid for by the developer…………….the guy from California that could not finance the Taj Mahal, aka city hall. Councilman Stuart, should that project be investigated to learn where the money went?

In the 30s and 40s and 50s there was a radio program, “I Love a Mystery”. In the 21 st Century the citizens of Yuma have the ‘makings’ of a mystery series ‘Wonder Where The Money Went’. -Jack Kretzer

It seems to me, partly from having met Jack and understanding his attention to detail when it comes to City of Yuma politics, that the information he lightly touched upon in his letter may actually be more than rumors.

Council Members and a former Mayor are out to destroy the public image of a man, regarded by the community as wholesome and honest, based on rumors... They should first listen to the "rumors" about themselves.

I personally have met Mayor Al Kreiger only once. I state this to indicate my lack of bias in the matter. My reasons for writing this are simple:
I don't like seeing good men persecuted.
And, if the former Mayor and City Council members have had a change of heart, in regards to their own actions, then I'm sure Jack's letter will remind them of other things to investigate.

Investigate Everybody

Friday, January 20, 2012

1/19 Was an Inside Job


According to, Anonymous has shut down the sites of the main corporate and U.S. Government copyright enforcers, including:

Motion Picture Association of America
Recording Industry Association of America
Universal Music
U.S. Copyright Office
Department of Justice

Plus foreign agencies, including: French copyright authority HADOPI

If these sites have been indeed attacked on the 19th I'd like to be the first to say: 1/19 WAS AN INSIDE JOB !
Sounds a lot like the familiar "9/11 was an inside job"; I know. How convenient for the U.S. Government to have this cyber "attack" when SOPA and PIPA where becoming very unpopular with the vast majority of Americans. The same way the events of 9/11 served to erode our freedoms, this "cyber 9/11" will be used as an excuse to strip freedom from internet users.

Next stop- finger print recognition and face scan just to get online to keep us safe from cyber terrorists. "That's ridiculous" you say... 11 years ago it would have been ridiculous to say there would be TSA groping Americans to keep us safe.