Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Day Monsanto Shuddered

By now even the most unaware individuals have seen a torrent of pictures, videos, and even mainstream media reports on the May 25, 2013 March Against Monsanto. This event has been felt like an earthquake rumbling through 436 cities in 52 countries around the world. Millions marched with the intention of raising awareness about the dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Granted, not one at these protestors believed that one single march could stop Monsanto. However, the March Against Monsanto was the small pebble that caused a major ripple in the global psyche.

“An educated public is Monsanto’s greatest enemy” Read many signs.
The participants were indeed educated and passionate in exposing Monsanto's dark history dating back to 1901 ; through the Nazi connection in World War II into today’s era of genetically modified seeds. Among these signs were clear messages to all those still sitting on their couch or at the family barbeque:
“Agent Orange Kills”
“Round Up linked to Cancer, Parkinson, Autism, Allergies, Infertility”
“70% of food in stores is GMO”
“Monsanto in bed with FDA/USDA”
“Monsanto's GMOs are banned in the following locations: Austria, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Switzerland, Peru, Poland, New Zealand, Brazil, and Ireland.”

A sign that pulled at the heart strings of parents around the globe was held or worn by small children, it simply read : “ I'm not a science experiment.”

The March Against Monsanto took place during Memorial Day Weekend. While the participants of the march showed an utmost sense of caring for their fellow man; There is that segment of the population whom only sees Memorial Day as another three day weekend to drink and wave a flag. One must not forget the sacrifices of the Veterans. Furthermore, it is critical to note the Vietnam/Monsanto connection.

“In 2010, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provided $16.2 billion in compensation to 1,095,473 Vietnam-era veterans.[i] The agency does not relate these service-connected benefit figures directly to Agent Orange/dioxin exposure or to any other possible cause of illness, nor does it provide data on total compensation for the years since the war ended.
Thousands of U.S. veterans returning from Vietnam reported health problems almost immediately and rapidly associated them with Agent Orange/dioxin exposure. Controversy over these assertions began just as fast, and continues now.” (Source)

Impressive numbers of people marched in Amsterdam, Philadelphia, Denmark, San Francisco, Vancouver, Dallas, and Costa Rica. Although the smaller communities such as Baker OR, Grand Junction CO, New Paltz NY, Olympia WA, and Hartford CT, had fewer march participants, their combined numbers added up significantly. What these communities may have lacked in numbers, they made up for in creativity, zest, and passion.

Tucked away in the most southwest corner of Arizona, in the town of Yuma, approximately six dozen people gathered to March Against Monsanto. Attending this march weren't just locals from Yuma either. In fact, people came from Phoenix, San Jose California and the march was blessed to have had the vocals and energy of Ft. Yuma Quechan Tribe members. The Kwatsan Lightning Singers, their songs filled the air as they led the march. Their dance, moved the mountains and souls were revived.
Another great participant of this march were members of Yuma's local Punk band, Drinking Water. Drums played, and energy was high as people from all walks of life marched the streets in a balance of peace, concern, and mission. A lovely woman from the Ft. Yuma Quechan Tribe (Erica) sparked interest as she shared her personal understanding of the dangers of GMOs and health risks to all.

The crowd was seemingly touched by the words of Paul Flores, a teacher from San Jose, CA. Paul urged people to self educate, and teach. He also mentioned that the front-line is everywhere. Noting that individuals have potential and should organize private gardens. Another notable speaker Mr. William White, really stressed the critical nature his family was placed in when pesticides were sprayed near the home. Fumigants, which are serious skin irritants and carcinogens.
The March Against Monsanto in Yuma, Arizona was that of courage and bravo! The people united without hesitation, it was a seamless endeavor. While marching up and down 4th Ave a major city street. The crowd chanted, Hell No GMO! Hell No GMO! Polite conversation erupted between old and new friends.

This is surely, a similar event among fellow man that transpired in tucked away towns, cities and countries across the planet. A march that roared. A march that made, Monsanto Shudder.

By: Ginger Jane Hammack & Doc