Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hollow Nation For Economic Stability?

Foreign investors in the U.S. are hailed by many as the future for economic recovery. Other nations come in to the U.S. and fund new projects creating jobs. More jobs equals a stable economy and everyone is happy in the new global friendly economy. Yey!!! Welcome to the New World Order!!! See, It's not so bad... right?

In an ideal world, I'd say sure! Let's all be friends and get along. Mi casa es sĂș casa. Unfortunately the current economic state of our entire planet is shaky to say the least. Austerity seems to be the new fashion in Europe and has began to make its way here courtesy of the global integrated financial system. I don't have much time to spend on this, therefore I chose an excerpt from The Economist speaking about the hollowing-out of England by foreign investors. Keep in mind, this was written before economies around the world completely tanked.

"Now Britons aren’t so sure that they have got a good deal. Their most basic anxiety is that foreign ownership will mean factory closures and job losses. As head offices close, power shifts abroad and Britain risks becoming a “branch factory” economy. When companies need to cut capacity, they will chop factories far from home first. Renault shut its Belgian factory in the late 1990s, rather than close one in France; Peugeot closed its British one a few years ago for the same reason. Three years after Corus, an Anglo-Dutch steelmaker, was taken over by India’s Tata Steel, its complex at Redcar, on Teesside, is being mothballed. Kraft’s purchase of Cadbury has also touched this nerve. Cadbury had intended to close its factory at Keynsham, near Bristol; Kraft said during the takeover battle that it would keep the plant open, but then changed its mind."

Considering the current economic state of the world, how can we trust foreign investors with our future? Not to mention, that I would very much hate to see this once rockin country for sale like a woman of the night. Two words for those still not convinced- National Sovereignty. To quote the great Ricky Bobby "HEY IT'S ME, AMERICA!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting The 'F' Out. Take One, Action!

At the beginning of summer had the brilliant idea to get fluoride out of The City of Yuma's public water supply. My brother, Alex Medina, set up a Facebook page; and my fiance Ginger Hammack started research. We took the matter to city hall, where we were given a packet to register as a political committee and another packet to petition for the city to stop adding fluoride to our city water. We registered as Fluoride Free Yuma and were issued a petition serial number to get our initiative on the ballot. Up ro this point all was well. We made fliers and copies of our petition signature sheets. We delivered press releases to local media stations. FFY (Fluoride Free Yuma) spokeswoman Ginger Hammack addressed the Yuma City Council during a three minute citizens address. Not bad for three concerned and motivated citizens who never did anything of this sort.

The next day received a tip, from a very informative source, that our petition would not make it on the November ballot. After calling the City Clerks Office it was confirmed - A month and a half worth of work down the drain. Turns out that at the time we were issued our petition serial number we wouldn't have had enough time to get the initiative on the ballot even if we already had all the signatures needed to do so. We were advised to file a complaint on the City Clerk, but, that's not how we roll. Although, it was a little disappointing, we decided complaining would not help our cause. This actually became a great opportunity to gather more information and create a better plan to raise awareness of the hazards of water fluoridation.

Today, Fluoride Free Yuma has a few more supporters and we have a much larger arsenal at our disposal to wage our information campaing. "Take two" - will commence at the end of this month.

Not so fun facts about The City of Yuma's public water fluoridation program:

* The chemical added to our public water supply is Hydrofluorosilicic Acid. Several members of City personnel were happy to remind us that City of Yuma water contains "naturally occurring fluoride". This is true. However the type of naturally occurring fluoride is Calcium Fluoride, which is far less harmful than the chemical they add.

* Hydrofluorosilicic Acid is industrial waste. The City purchases this poisonous chemical from Thatcher Chemical at a tune of $10,000 to $13,000 per year. I contacted the Thatcher Chemical representative for further information and have not received any response. Guess he doesn't wanna say, he knows its industrial waste.