Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is there a doctor in the house?


Based on current events, it’s safe to say that liberty and the American way are in critical condition. Freedom, much like a wounded soldier, is strong but in urgent need of first responder aid. Most Americans may never have the privilege of tending to a soldier in need of medical treatment in a far away land. On the other hand, we all can tend to the wounds of freedom here at home. The basics of treating a patient are often called ABC's- Airway, Breathing, and Circulation.
 Airway: The airway of liberty is already open. On a daily basis millions of Americans log on to their various web accounts. There is a free flow of information at our fingertips. The average American spends roughly 30 hours online every month. If everyone took just a fraction of that time to review the constitution or find out the legality of government actions, we'd be on our way to restoring our nation.

 Breathing: Exactly what this blog and several others like it intend to accomplish. Upon doing a bit of research and contrasting the key factors with the basic principles of freedom; we all have a basic civic duty to get involved. Help others understand what is happening and how to fix it. "Because freedom can't protect itself."(A.C.L.U.) I know A.C.L.U. gets a bad rep from the conservative crowd, but, they are trying to defend freedom the way they see fit. What are those critics doing?  

 Circulation: When the American people get informed and begin to take action, liberty will hemorrhage no more. The breath of freedom will once again oxygenate every cell of American life. Only then can we enjoy the stability of a truly free society again.
 The role of a first responder is to stabilize a patient until they can receive superior care, usually from a surgeon or doctor. Now I leave you with the words of, Congressman and 2012 Presidential Candidate, Dr. Ron Paul: "Refusing to reassess our mistakes and insisting on just more and more of a failed remedy is destined to kill the patient. In this case, the casualties will be our liberties and prosperity, here at home, and peace abroad."

Friday, June 24, 2011



Currently the economy has been a very volatile environment for humans to thrive in across the planet. I can relate to a lot of what other people have been going through as I personally have managed the challenges of two layoffs, both being federal organizations in their effort to cut programs. Sadly when you cut programs, you cut employees.
It is clear in 2011 that far more people have awakened, to the red flags of the potential for an economic collapse to occur. I feel it’s important to share some of my ideas on how one can prepare for an economic collapse.
The first step is acceptance. In the words of Ronald Regan, “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours.” It’s funny in a way, how people look at other peoples problems in comparison to their own. What I think would help us to get through these hard times affecting us all, is acceptance of our new reality; Hence as our economic troubles are going no-where anytime soon. Second, I know of a couple places on You Tube that are great to use as resources. Lot’s of people have posted some great home made videos on surviving an economic collapse; some will even make you laugh. Surviving an economic collapse will require you to swim in the sea of knowledge, so grab your scuba gear and dive in.
Do you enjoy reading? May I recommend, The Creature from Jekyll Island, a book written by, G. Edward. Griffin. Or National Suicide, a book written by, Martin L. Gross. These two books will teach how the “not so Federal”, Federal Reserve came to be and how to recognize the signs of a collapsing economy. Along with those two great books, some great online places sure to fascinate your brain cells, try Google or Yahoo and in the search bar type, Revolution this will keep your minds full with all the hot and delicious news, that mainstream only gives you nibbles of. Times are hard so gobble up while you have a chance, knowledge is yummy! Is your own personal debt bringing you down? Well, you are guaranteed to leave those lonely blues behind when you check out the U.S. Debt clock in Real time. In fact, here you can even check out the misery in real time state by state, it’s kind of interesting to check out which state has screwed up the most. Maybe you can call up some friends and start betting on which states is more likely to go belly up first. Let’s say you have had enough with numbers and the economy, maybe you’d like to see what is going on a global level with the weather or the environment all together. After all, disasters can trigger deeper economic dilemmas. So, check out a site in real time called, RSOE EDIS and on You Tube, type in Solar Flares. In preparing for an economic collapse, I personally cover all my bases and so should you. Third, your health my friend is very vital in these hard economic times. I’m a vegetarian in between paydays and I’ve learned how to supplement, so start stocking up on those vitamins, no put the liquor down! Your country needs you to be sober, so drink up that water and try and drink at least sixty-four ounces to clean out all the genetically modified toxins running through your body. Have you noticed my sense of humor by now? Well, I was hoping. A sense of humor goes along with good health, so laugh it up. Laughter boots your immune system and relieves pain, stop making corrupt pharmaceuticals rich, laugh it up and you will be better off. While you’re laughing your way to the grocery store, remember you have to stock up on food and if you’re like the millions of us out here, obey the confines of your budget. Stock rice, noodles, beans, canned fruit and veggies, sugar, water, oatmeal, soups, spices. These are a few examples, just think camp fire! Don’t try and sneak stuff out of that supply either, tell your honey to give you a little smack on the hand for feeble attempts and after you get that kiss and it’s made all better, you can exchange from the supply cabinet. Change out the dated cans for another, but that’s it. Commitment is vital, in preparing for an economic collapse. Why? Well, do you want to have nothing to eat when the store shelves are empty just two hours after it’s reported, on national news that Europe and the Middle East have collapsed? I didn’t think so. Fourth, it’s time to think safety. What kind of tools are you going to use to knock a thief upside the head? As hard as it is, you have to come out of that shell and think what do you want to use to protect your family, or your families food in an economic collapse? A handgun, shotgun, cross bow, machete, and swords are common choices. It’s time to think outside the box, I mean bullets don’t last forever. Creative energy is vital, tune in and analyze it. Don’t forget your first aid kit, medicine supply especially for chronic medical conditions, you have to stock up. Fifth, what kind of style are you going to have when you ruff it in the wild? I like the mountain man or mountain girl look with a twist of come and get it. I know your thinking what does that even mean? Well, look. If you feel good you will fight well and if you feel prepared you will feel like nothing is capable of shaking you up. Believe me, some one will come along eventually and try to rain on you warm bean soup parade. So put on those cargo pants, because you will need those pockets and don’t forget the combat boots and since you thought ahead, those Dr. Scholl’s inserts will have you running ahead of the masses, you may be the first in line at the soup kitchen when your supply runs out. Sixth, some people will have gold and silver but if your like me, we didn’t wake up in 2008, and by 2010 gold was far to expensive for the laid off masses. No fear, get prepared to barter. Bartering is making a come back. Remember that sugar I told you to stock. Well, someone may really want a cup bad and maybe you’ve been craving a coke a cola. Hence, barter. Seventh, it’s time to get some of these burdens off you knowledge heavy shoulders. During all future dinners with the family while the going is still, well not identical to Greece, talk to the family about assigned duties during an economical collapse or what to do in the event of a serious sudden emergency. Share ideas with one another and always tell your children and significant others how much you love them, always. It is my prediction in months ahead, America, will face a severe depression. I believe that something critical will happen in Egypt, something to do with oil and it will ripple throughout the Middle East. A tipping point is upon us and while Greece continues to find compromise our dollar will continue to devalue. QE3, quantitative easing is being implemented as we speak. Can anybody say check please?

Don't Edit The Children, For Gods Sake


Since hearing the radio I have been afflicted, I was just listening to A.M. radio when Sean Hannity played a clip from the U.S. Open Golf Tournament, this past Fathers Day weekend 2011. School children where saying the Pledge of Allegiance; their voices beautiful and as clear as day, you could hear the love of country in their very innocent voices. I was very tuned in. Until to my surprise NBC edited, out the phrase" Under God". In that very second, as I’m listening, multi-tasking and heading out the door, no longer was their anymore sunshine. A giant cloud had formed over the skies of my neighborhood as I’m driving down the road, at least that’s how I felt. The cloud was actually confusion and disappointment in my soul, as to what had become of America and what the children where being taught to avoid. I beg the question, why are we voiding or avoiding, "Under God", as part of our Pledge of Allegiance at a sporting event?
In my research of the news and what transpired that day it is clear that NBC made several apologies. However, the twittering of many upon many angry Americans had already begun. The assembly is peaceful and the children are clearly reciting The Pledge of Allegiance, so what is the problem? According to Military Times, an online source the last change in the Pledge of Allegiance occurred on June 14 (Flag Day), 1954 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower approved adding the words "under God". As he authorized this change he said, "In this way we are reaffirming the transcendence of religious faith in America's heritage and future; in this way we shall constantly strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our country's most powerful resource in peace and war." Furthermore, according to the online website, Military Times When citing "One Nation under God", Eisenhower said in his words, "These 50 individual states are united as a single Republic under the Divine providence of God, "our most powerful resource".
When the citing of The Pledge of Allegiance happened this past Fathers Day weekend, the majority of the Pledge was read. So, the promise to The Flag isn’t a dispute? Pledging ones loyalty to The Republic (Government) isn’t a dispute? Unity isn’t in dispute (Indivisible)? The right of people to pursue, "life, liberty, and happiness, isn’t in dispute? Justice, isn’t in dispute? For all, isn’t in dispute? What is it that makes saying "Under God", such a threat? Furthermore, images of U.S. troops were flowing in the background of these children. Is that not twisted? NBC positioned them as Patriotic by playing images of U.S. troops? Think about how many U.S. troops have prayed to a god at one time or another. Or how many U.S. troops have questioned why their god took a buddy, and then found solace in their god? Believing in the prospect of freedom isn’t easy. Preserving freedom isn’t easy. Whether you know it or not, believing in god, a god, or any god for that matter isn’t always easy either. I’m equally positive that non-belief carries challenges. With that said soldiers continue to fight for our national freedom and surely would want you to have the "Freedom", to edit as you wish. However, I can almost guarantee that millions of active duty and veterans would want the phrase "Under God", kept soundly within the body of The Pledge of Allegiance, and after all they do for us, couldn’t we just leave it alone, or stand silent?
Let’s keep it real, before we commit civic suicide and just start aborting everything our Nation holds dear. Because if we can’t do that, then what the hell are we fighting for? If we can’t do that, then why in the hell are we trying to "change", Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria and soon to be Jordan? Are we going to start aborting layers of The Pledge of Allegiance, The Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence because we don’t like it? Well, before you know it we will only have abandonment. When the entire Middle East collapses and it will very soon, our country will need to truly have a grip on sovereignty. We will have to be united as a nation or else go up against our enemies knowing our country is erratic. What will sustain us, when our society is divided and broken by disappointment and despair? What will separate us from the rest of this planet? What books would be read to inspire us? While we cling to our guns and lie bunkered down under the stars what will comfort us or humble us against the dark and wickedness of mankind? Have we invented something different that I’m not aware of? Have we invented something other than Divine Providence? The New World Order won’t sustain you. The New World Order won’t protect you. It will only classify you and enslave you under a one world system. What sets one freer than god? What challenges man beyond the realms of his pocket book, his selfish ways? As if uttering God", could ever be considered such a threat. Martin Luther King said", Jesus was an extremist of love". Perhaps NBC has a hard time with not uttering God", but with being extreme in the passion of All things good!
Do U.S. troops have to suffer in times of war? Certainly! Do U.S. troops have to be uncomfortable? Certainly! They do it in the name of your freedom. You try carrying around 60 or 80 pounds on your back and go up and down a flight of brick stairs searching for weapons in 100 plus degrees in a ridden Al-Qaida neighborhood. When your fighting for you life, they say the first thing to go in a moment of sever adrenaline is your hearing. So if NBC feels discomfort, to hear children say "under god"? Maybe NBC should go over seas and experience severe adrenaline hearing loss, so they don’t hear the phrase" under god". I can guarantee several million American Veterans feel NBC is being un-appreciative of their sacrifice, what sacrifice does NBC, have to offer? Well we know they have no courage. Maybe it’s time for NBC to take a walk down the yellow brick road to visit the Wizard, for some courage. Since, they don’t support Divine Providence of God, much less American Heritage. If one agrees with everything about the Pledge of Allegiance and all that it stands for except for the phrase "under god", then tell me. I mean really please do tell. If your ‘re loyal, in agreement with unity, and the beloved Nation, the great United States of America, then what is your problem? What is the consequence of all those children that will later play a recording of a probable special day this past Fathers Day and hearing "Under God", edited out as we had on A.M. Radio or Television? Mommy or Daddy, can you explain this with courage? In trying to understand why it would make one so uncomfortable with reading the pledge of allegiance verbatim, I guess saying "under god", is such a problem because these are people that haven’t tapped into their intuition, inspiration, or sought out mysteries by supernatural means. Maybe these empty vessels haven’t imagined something great, beyond or within our glorious universe. What makes you so special? Are you just too great in your pocket book? Are you just too great all by yourself? What creates such arrogance in humanity? Let me be clear when I share with you, I took the time to understand your perceived threat of two words, "under God", placed delicately in the body of our nations Pledge of Allegiance. I want to challenge anyone to not fear these two words. I want to set forth the challenge to please not rip them to shreds from our history. I want to plea from one American to another, don’t be bitter when witnessing the majority shouting these words from their lips. We won’t judge you if you stand silent, but don’t tread on us. Our troops face unbearable discomfort in war. I feel there comes a time in our society when we should have a little humility and dignity. How about some honesty? Sure Eisenhower made a choice to gently place "under god", in our Pledge of Allegiance, but I know and full heartedly believe that he didn’t have an impure intention. That should provide comfort to you. If two words cause so much pain, here are four words that should open the gateway of your mind and fill the prospect of something greater than you in your path, Divine Providence of God. Deal with it! Explore the realm of that, I dare you. As much as a soldier has to suck up, the sweat, the blood, the tears, the images, to last a lifetime. Are you brave citizen? Can you live by their example, to suck it up too from time to time? As a nation we must stand together, we must continue to pledge together. Do we really want to rip apart the layers of our foundation? Do you really want to plant your feet on a planet the remaining days of your existence and just succumb death, widely offend by Divine Providence of God? I say, fellow Americans sometimes one thing will lead to another and then to another. As the paint starts to peel away so will our wall be naked. Things in life are better left alone. I am not talking about church and state here. However, I am talking about this recent sporting event and NBC’s terrible display of unpatriotic very disheartening choice for which they’ve made. Not to mention, it was hypocritical. If you want to salute the troops, then do it with honor. Have you spent ten minutes on a bus packed with Marines going on deployment? I have. Families wave goodbye. The children held up in mamma's hands. The chaplain on board the bus he stands in front of all the troops in prayers, a servant of a god yet, moreover a servant to the young men and women. Praying with them, for them, and standing next to them in honor of them. Recognizing their courage to go fight for the nation, mindfulness of their hunger to make it back home alive. I the driver of that bus didn’t care that the men where in prayer. I felt honored to transport them on the flight line to the plane; I fought tears that swelled in my eyes. We are surrounded everyday, by bad, or evilness. Everyday we struggle to teach and to persist during these hard times of our country. I’m not a regular Sunday churchgoer, but I can take a stand on the side of good without question any day. In fact, right this minute I honestly believe it is my duty as an American to stand up to this unpatriotic network, NBC. I could only be so lucky to have the opportunity today to stand around a flag pole, just like in sixth grade just two in a half, (decades ago) and have a music teacher guide me in the singing of many of our nation’s great hymns in the public arena. Which reminds me, how many people can you count on one finger today that really has your best interest at heart? The people are sovereign; can we tread together today, in good merit? I respect you and you respect me and together we preserve what makes our nation great? My feet may someday reside in my entombment in the depths of sinking sand; but my soul will hopefully live in the Divine Providence of God beyond the confines of my imagination; and well, if it cannot achieve that miracle in itself, then perhaps I could be so lucky as to have left some imprint of my faith in American Heritage. Can you? If you can’t join us full heartedly and stand with us full heartedly then stand silent. Don’t cut parts out of our history. In conclusion, if we knock off petty indifferences that aren’t causing blood to drip from our eyes, while recognizing where good is simply trying to exist in the body of our American Heritage. Can we not just be greater than the foolishness that threatens our co-existence and our nation? Where ever your heart and logic guides you, please don’t edit the children, for God’s, sake.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Case For Oath Keepers

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."  -Barrack Obama

 Local law enforcement agencies have been receiving federal funds for some time now. The additional money provides better equipment for officer safety and additional inter agency training. Fusion Centers are now common throughout the country. One police department can now patrol in other jurisdictions. Another trend now observed is the increased use of SWAT teams for tasks that a regular officer could accomplish.
On May 5th 2011, a Pima county SWAT team shot an IRAQ war veteran 61 times while serving a multi house search warrant. The Pima co. Sheriff had to admit the 26yro, husband and father, did not shoot at the SWAT team and no drugs were found in the home. Really, SWAT serving a search warrant and shooting a guy 61 times without ever being shot at!?!? 
In Stockton California a man's door was busted down by SWAT. The man was arrested, in front of his kids, and dragged out of his home in his underwear. The warrant, from the Department of Education, was for the man's estranged wife. No local law enforcement agencies were involved. When did the Department of Education begin to command SWAT teams? Where did this SWAT team come from, if no local law enforcement was used?!?! A simple Google search will turn up case after case were SWAT teams go into a home and kill pets (in front of kids even) and in some cases don't end up pressing charges on their suspected targets.               

Let me get this right. A group of soldiers in Iraq, mostly ranging in ages between 17 and 25, can go into the home of armed Al-Qaida members and acquire 3 high profile targets (alive) without harming women, children, or pets (a real example from personal experience, so don't tell me I don't know what its like). Yet, the above mentioned SWAT teams (the elite of law enforcement) cannot go into an American home without being “trigger happy”, killing people or pets, and terrorizing children!?!? B.S. Technical skills and lack of discipline aside, why is this happening? It’s a simple matter of budgeting and funds allocation. Law enforcement agencies can continue to allocate federal funds to their SWAT teams due to their increased use. The same for inter agency cooperation and Fusion Center participation.
This is how Obama's paramilitarized "civilian security force" is created. Yey... About the only training on constitutional law or rights they receive is geared towards keeping the officers out of trouble. Example: When an officer wants to use force against a person the standard line is: "Stop resisting!" even if the person is not resisting.
What happens when the federal government uses these poorly disciplined agencies against (I mean) to help the American people during a national emergency?  Will they act with in their constitutional bounds? Or will they only PROTECT their funds (paychecks) AND SERVE only the system? Perhaps its time, for every community, to demand that law enforcement re-affirm the oath each officer and deputy swore. With the new paramilitary civilian security force being expanded, its time for everyone to listen to what the Oath Keepers have been warning about all along.   

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kinetic Action in Libya

The word on the street is as follows:
20,000 to 40,000 American ground troops in Libya by October 2011

 Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution specifies that congress has the power to declare war, not the president alone. President Obama said Libya is not a war and also said the actions in Libya would “take days, not weeks” (he said it more than 3 months ago…). By playing this word game of calling U.S. military action in Libya “kinetic action” the president has created a false loophole. The U.S. has no financial or security interests in Libya and therefore should stop all military action there before loosing thousands of lives and wasting dollars we don’t have. The only possible value Libya could be to the U.S. would be as a staging area for deployment into Africa during WWIII.

 I don’t care what President Obama calls it and neither will the troops being illegally sent there for zero benefit to our country. When the bullets start flying, their job is to kick @$$ and take names. Our responsibility as Americans at home is to make sure that they are not placed in harms way without a valid reason. Is the U.S. is anticipating WWIII? If that is not the case all U.S. military involvement in Libya must stop now. No more troops should be sent and the ones already out there must be brought back.
Kinetic action my @$$,  bring them home.

The Camelot Tragedy

  Shortly after the inauguration of President Obama  the media went wild with comparisons  between the incoming administration and Camelot. The expectations and hopes for the new president were great , Obama would be the next JFK.  The following were just a few headlines: Camelot Crowns Obama for the future (ABC News Jan. 08) Barack Obama, Camelot’s New Knight (Washington Post  Jan.08) Is Camelot’s future in Obama’s hands? (CNN Aug .09)
The comparisons to FDR or Lincoln had been there since the campaign. The new comparison to JFK became the new inauguration frenzy. Set a great tone for the recent historical presidency, the stage was set, the music playing, the audience clamoring , all that was needed now  was King Arthur .

   Three years  since the inauguration, the words Camelot and Obama may not be seen to many places. Between the right wing media criticizing the administration and what I can only hope to be non deliberate incompetence, the adulation has turned to disappointment. Watching said transformation has been interesting. The continuity of agenda from Bush to Obama has left me perplexed. There was much Hope, but there has been very little change. The American people continue to loose their freedoms bit by bit , the dollar grows weaker, the economy continues to collapse, and the U.S. is still at war. Yet  all the above mentioned factors did not compel me to write about the president. I thought the right wing was doing an excellent job, trashing the current administration, all by themselves.  So why write this now?
 Illegal war for European royalty profit in one area of the world while ignoring human rights violations in Egypt following the U.S. supported overthrow of the previous regime there. This administration turning a blind eye to what could be the biggest threat to the U.S. since the Cuban missile crisis, along with the systematic assault on the rights of the American people… These are the issues which have moved my soul to express my concerns here.

   Iran is establishing  a military base in Venezuela to be manned by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Venezuelan missile officers. Iranian Shahab 3, Scud-B, and Scud-C missiles will be deployed from the Iranian base IN VENEZUELA.
This is a multipurpose action, it allows Iran to bypass U.N. sanctions, it  increases the threat to Venezuelan neighbors like Colombia, and it places the U.S. with in strategic reach of Iranian missiles. To make matters worse Venezuela is allowing the building of a nuclear “power plant” by Russians. Can everyone see the threat of a new nuclear missile crisis? In 1962 , due to the strong stand of  the Kennedy administration, the Cuban missile crisis was averted. As many presidents before him, Kennedy cited the Monroe Doctrine to push Russian missiles out of Cuba. The Monroe Doctrine basically states that any attempts to colonize or interfere with nations in the western hemisphere would be viewed as acts of aggression requiring U.S. involvement. This doctrine was also used by Roosevelt, Coolidge, Hoover, and Reagan. With that said , where is Mr. Camelot  as the U.S. potentially  faces nuclear annihilation ? 

    Coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress  is the classical romantic role of a knight. The opportunity  for president Obama to be said knight is here. After the U.S. supported overthrow of the Egyptian government , a military regime took its place. The Egyptian people continue to protest and push for democracy. Recently female protestors there were arrested, taken to a detention center, stripped searched, tortured, and examined for virginity by military police while male guards photographed the events. Those women found not to be virgin would be charged with prostitution and punished accordingly. Once again, where is Camelot’s knight?  

   Camelot’s knight is off illegally  using our military in Libya to assist the “U.N.”. At least that’s what we are to believe. In order to find out what is truly going on we must  defer to the Latin phrase “Cui Bono?” who benefits? The truth is the European royal families own a very large portion off the oil coming out of Libya  and are using the U.N. to protect their assets. Conveniently the U.S. will be allowed access to Libya as a port for AFRICOM (the U.S. military’s African Command). Libya will be to Africa as Kuwait is to Iraq. This would be an acceptable military strategic move, if not for the fact that while we are busy in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq the Iranians and Russians are amassing, strategically speaking, against the U.S. in Venezuela. This is the tragedy of Camelot, not the inspirational story of a young king Arthur.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tyranny In The U.S.A.

 The title Tyranny in The U.S.A. may seem too dramatic for some, yet I’m not sure we may call the recent events, which took place in the month of May 2011, anything else. There are serious violations to the Constitution taking place in America which I find demoralizing. Regardless of political view we must guard our freedoms or we may loose them in the name of safety.
 The following events all took place in May of 2011. Indiana Supreme Court ruled that home owners may not stop police officers from entering their home with or without a valid reason. Texas congress unanimously passed a law to make it a crime for TSA to molest Americans before boarding planes. The Department of Justice threatened Texas with establishing a no fly zone over the state; causing the legislation to be removed before the Texas state senate could vote to pass it. The un-Patriot Act was extended, enough said there. Adam Kokesh, former Iraq vet and radio host, was tackled to the ground choked and arrested for quietly dancing at the Thomas Jefferson memorial in DC. New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that police may confiscate all fire arms during a traffic stop, even if the fire arms are registered and legal. The U.S. is still illegally in Libya, yes illegally, congress, which holds the powers of war, did not approve that action.
 I’m not some hippy liberal, and I’m not a Glenn Beck right wing neo-con.  I served in the U.S. ARMY, with two deployments, as a combat medic. Every time I treated a wounded American soldier, or needed to boost my own morale, I would quietly remind myself “We’re doing this for freedom and liberty”.  With the above mentioned severe violations of the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Tenth Amendment, and Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution; I now see that I and many others fighting for Liberty may have just been kidding ourselves. American troops bring freedom and democracy to other countries while we loose basic liberties at home.
 There is a lot of talk on the American political Left about concepts of liberalism or socialism. What we are seeing is a different concept all together, it is Fascism. On the American Right all the buzz is about concervatism and restoring values such as honor and courage. If all Americans do is restore honor and courage… we may end up a nation of courageous honorable SLAVES under a tyrannical system.  Everyone should please remember Benjamin Franklin’s words: 
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."