Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Face of the Unmanned Drones

(Map image from: Locations page on the Neany website)

By now you may be aware that soon big brother will be watching us from the sky. "Unmanned" drones will soon be flying overhead watching our every move. I find it interesting that, even though alternative media has done a fantastic job covering this story, the drones remain faceless. We know that our own elected "representatives" have set forth this invasion of privacy in the land of the free. Yet, some human somewhere must fly and service these "unmanned" surveillance aircraft. Below some details on just one of the companies manning the "unmanned" craft.

Neany Inc. will soon be bringing their experience, gathered in combat operations, to the U.S. According to their website, "NEANY offers cost effective solutions for battlefield and security operations". The company is also " looking for talented engineers and personnel to join" their efforts. Some of the positions they are looking to fill are:

UAV Instructors (Arizona)
UAV Pilot (Maryland)
UAV Maintenance Technician (Maryland)
UAV Mission Commander (Maryland)
UAV Payload Operator (Maryland)
Facility Security Officer (Florida)
Project Engineer (Florida)

To be fair I'd like to point out that, increased surveillance on our borders is important, it is also one of this company's missions I don't take issue with. After all security of the nation is actually one of the reasons we have government. With that said - Any intrusion on the privacy of the American people perpetrated by these surveillance drones is unacceptable, to say the least. Therefore, I believe it to be of great importance, to the cause of liberty, to bring forth the identity of the companies which would profit from the loss of our privacy and freedom.